Stuff We Like :: 9.15.17


At first I thought a more relaxed approach to teaching writing would work, but now I am going the formal route. I’m going to try out the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Student Writing Intensive this year with my son because I like what I’ve read about it. I’ll let you know how it goes.


At Home

My 8-year-old keeps asking me to make these yeast rolls, and I’m gaining weight eating them, but they are so, so good.

My 8-year-old also asked for more zoob pieces for his birthday, so now he has 1,250 pieces. You should see the stuff he’s building. I highly recommend this set.

I finally got around to writing about what my boys love best. (No surprise: digital games)


At Home/School/Life

in the magazine: I love Claire Webb’s column about her first year of college after graduating as a homeschooler in the Summer 2017 issue.

on the blog: Beverly’s 7 Ideas to Simplify Your Homeschool Day

on twitter: I love finding new artists to follow. I’m especially enjoying these pen drawings by Lee Zimmerman.


Books We’re Loving Right Now

All of us: Blood on the River: James Town, 1607

The 11-year-old: Mattimeo

The 8-year-old: The Magic Tree House series

Me: I’m finally getting around to reading Oliver Twist.



We recently finished Star Trek: The Next Generation (Netflix) with the boys, and what a fun time we had. This show generated a lot of great conversations. Now we’re backtracking and watching the original series.

We also watched Supergirl (Netflix) this summer, and I highly recommend it! I’m not a huge super hero fan, but this show is fun, upbeat, and teaches positive lessons. I also loved that my sons were watching strong female characters too.

As for documentaries, you’ve got to check out BBC’s The Hunt. (Also on Netflix.)

As for me, I loved watching Poldark, Indian Summers, The Durrells in Corfu, and Mercy Street on Amazon Prime this summer. They are all excellent programs.