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Monday Pep Talk No. 5

home|school|life magazine's Monday Pep Talk has lots of fun ideas for planning your homeschool week.

Here are a few ideas to make this week of your homeschool life a little more fun.  

3 fun things to do this week

Hit your local thrift shop on Monday, and you might find some extra-bargain prices in celebration of National Thrift Shop Day.

Make your own set of magnetic building blocks. (These are so cool!)

Play math with Alexandria Jones. (Even math-reluctant kids will get into solving mysteries with the homeschooling detective.) Her first adventure is here if you want to go chronologically.


3 ideas for this week’s dinners

Sweet corn and bacon fritters would be great on their own with a salad or as a side for grilled meat.

Soup may seem out of place in August, but this easy roasted tomato BLT soup tastes like the essence of summer. (Plus, it’s customizable for pickier eaters.)

Enlist a little help from your sous chefs to prep the veggies for this bún vermicelli bowl — you’ll have to do a lot of slicing and dicing to get it table-ready, but the result is delicious.


one great readaloud

Celebrate Ray Bradbury’s birthday on Saturday by reading aloud The Martian Chronicles.


one thought to ponder

in case of emergency {because sometimes you need something stronger than inspiration} 

campari granita