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Stuff We Like :: 9.10.15

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I’m still spending most of my time on the couch, but I feel like I’m starting to get my groove back a little. We started our official new school year this week, and I finally made it to the classroom for my creative writing students this week. (Last week I had to Skype in!)  

around the web

Fascinating: Can we blame handwriting’s decline on the invention of ballpoint pens?

OK, fair enough. Maybe I overdo the whole let-me-just-check-my-phone thing sometimes.

I’m finding the details of this recent fossil discovery so interesting.


at home/school/life

in the magazine: There’s some great stuff coming up in the fall issue. I'm especially excited about our big life after high school article that Shawne's been working on.

on instagram: This may just be the best quote about homeschool life ever.

from the archives: If you loved Harriet the Spy, here's what you should read next.


reading list

I’m still pretty heavily into audiobooks. This week, it’s The Diamond Age and All the Light We Cannot See.

I have hooked my daughter up with her first official copy of the AP Stylebook, and she is completely obsessed with all the rules and guidelines for writing for print.

My daughter and I also read The Hired Girl — about a farm girl who flees her abusive family and finds a new home with a family of Jews in 1911 Baltimore — and enjoyed it thoroughly. My son read The BFG for the first time, the second time, and is working his way through the third time. You can never go wrong with Roald Dahl.


at home

I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies when I can’t sleep because it is one of the most delightful television shows ever made.

Maybe it’s the bed rest talking, but I’m really digging NPR’s Planet Money podcast.

Similarly, do you know how many games of Uno you can play when you’re trapped on the couch? A lot. A lot of Uno.

What You Should Read in Elementary School

What You Should Read in Elementary School

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