Every issue of home | school | life starts just like every one of our homeschool days: at our kitchen table, with big cups of coffee, more than a little mess, and lots and lots of conversation. When we started this magazine in 2014, we wanted to build the homeschool magazine we couldn't find—one that was smart, secular, witty, engaging, and willing to tackle tough questions like "Why is homeschooling so lonely sometimes?" and "How do I know when it's time to quit?" Ninety percent of the magazine comes together right in our living room. (During deadline seasons, you'll find all four of us sprawled on the couch checking page numbers and paragraph breaks on final pages.) We know this is a business (and we think it's a pretty darn good one), but it's also the ultimate family homeschool project—and we like it that way.

We feel lucky every single day to get to work with so many talented, thoughtful people in the pages of the magazine, in our new online classes, and on the blog. If you're a fan of the magazine, these are the people who make it happen every issue.


AMY SHARONY  is the editor-in-chief of home | school | life. She decides what stories go in every issue, obsessively researches subjects, designs the magazine, and pretty much gets all control-freak-y over every single issue. She started her career in traditional magazines, working for a variety of publishers including Hearst, Future, and Bauer, before deciding to launch Atlanta Homeschool magazine in 2012. Amy homeschools her 8th grade daughter and 2nd grade son using a method she likes to call Classical, Dude-style—which involves the trivium and Latin but also lots of rabbit trails, snack breaks, and (on occasion) going grocery shopping in pajama pants.

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JASON SHARONY  is the publisher of home | school | life magazine, which means he handles everything from managing advertising to keeping the caffeine flowing during deadline season. He was initially not-so-sure about the homeschooling life, but now he wonders why everybody else hasn’t taken the plunge. (Seriously, how are there so many people not homeschooling?) As a teacher, he spends his days helping middle and high school students learn to love math and Spanish. As a dad, he’s always trying to convince everybody to take a hike, play soccer, or go fishing. As a homeschooler, he loves being the first person to get to read home | school | life every quarter. As a publisher, he’s incredibly proud to be part of such a talented team.


SHELLY DENKINGER is the director of online education for home | school | life. Shelly heads up home | school | life's online classes, ensuring that we offer an engaging mix of class options and helping with online class training and troubleshooting. Shelly has more than a decade of experience in online education and did her B.A. philosophy work at New College and her M.A. and Ph.D work at the University of Hawai'i.


SHELLI BOND PABIS s is home | school | life’s senior editor. After having children and deciding that they needed a different kind of education than she had, she realized that sharing, connecting with and encouraging other homeschoolers is a passion. As a freelance writer, she has written for various publications and her local radio station. She has written a weekly newspaper column about motherhood, homeschooling and daily life for five years. Recently she compiled and expanded some of these columns into the e-book Then There Were Two: Essays on Motherhood. She calls her homeschooling style eclectic and project-based, and she chronicles daily life at www.mamaofletters.com.  You can view her photography at www.shellipabisphotography.com.

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SUZANNE REZELMAN writes Book Nerd, a regular column in home | school | life magazine. She was a software engineer before setting down the keyboard to pick up the diaper bag with the birth of her first child in 1998.  She officially became a homeschooler in 2003 (though she’s of the opinion that homeschooling actually begins at birth) and her four children have been taught at home from preschool onward.  As her family’s needs changed over the years, so have her homeschool goals, and her oldest son recently ‘graduated’ from his homeschool experience and began attending the local high school as a 9th grader.  Suzanne still has a 7th grader, a 5th grader, and a 3rd grader at home, and when she’s not busy with their lessons she teaches a Critical Thinking class to other local homeschoolers. Suzanne has been a dedicated and enthusiastic bookworm since she was the youngest student in the history of Baxter Elementary to win the Read-100-Books competition (she still has the certificate around here somewhere, if you’d like to see it) and can usually be found in a (relatively) quiet corner with a book in hand, determinedly ignoring the piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, and assorted to-do lists that seem to have taken over the rest of her house.

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LISA HASSAN SCOTT blogs regularly for home | school | life. Originally from the USA, Lisa is married to a Scotsman and has been living in Great Britain for 18 years. Though she used to be an advocate for refugees and asylum seekers, she underwent a complete “mothermorphosis” when her first child was born and is now a Yoga teacher, breastfeeding counsellor, writer and home educator. She has three children ages 11, 8 and 5. Lisa’s writing has been featured in online and print media and in various anthologies. She is a Contributing Editor for two La Leche League publications and she blogs about parenting and the mind at www.lisahassanscott.co.uk. She is obsessed with bringing the teachings of Yoga into daily life, supporting her children in their various projects, and the quest for finding good Mexican food in the UK.

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PATRICIA ZABALLOS writes the column The Wonder Files. Many years ago she taught elementary school; when her oldest was three she discovered homeschooling and never looked back. Over time her three kids wrestled the schoolteacher out of her, helping her come to value passion-driven, project-based learning. Seventeen years later, her older son is a college graduate beginning a career in cinematography, her daughter is off to college and her 12-year-old is still a happy homeschooler. Patricia has spent more than twenty years teaching herself to write–she likes to say that she’s homeschooled her MFA in Creative Writing. Her essays have appeared in Literary Mama, Mothering Magazine, Life Learning Magazine and elsewhere. Her book Workshops Work! A Parent’s Guide to Facilitating Writer’s Workshops for Kids is based on her thirteen years facilitating writer’s workshops for homeschoolers. Patricia writes about homeschooling and writing on her blog, Wonder Farm.

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REBECCA PICKENS is home | school | life’s Curriculum Junkie. She writes for several publications and blogs at steampoweredclassrom..net. Rebecca believes that there is a perfect learning resource out there for every child and she loves helping families make these discoveries. In her work as a homeschool consultant, Rebecca strives to help families determine what learning path and materials can best support their children’s interests and academic needs.  The rural homestead Rebecca lives on with her family provides a perfect landscape for their homeschooling adventures. For five years, Rebecca and her three sons have enjoyed hands-on, nature-based, messy and fantastic learning together

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AMY HOOD writes Art Start, a regular column in home | school | life magazine. She is passionate about the importance of open-ended, process-based art experiences for children and adults. She has a minor in art and, more importantly, a drive to explore and try various forms of art-making. She began sharing her love of exploration with kids as a camp counselor in her teens and twenties, and went on to run programs for children and adults in environmental education. Her teaching style with people of all ages has always been one of fellow explorer and facilitator, which leaves room for adventure and discovery, side by side. She has taught classes in her homeschool co-op and for local children. Currently she is homeschooling two of her three children while hopefully setting an example of lifelong learning while she pursues selling her creations on Etsy and publishing an e-zine, Art Together, designed to inspire children and their adults to explore art side by side. She has also recently been published in Kindred Magazine. You can read more about Amy at amyhoodarts.com.

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