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Like any great adventure, homeschooling goes a little more smoothly when you have a good map to help you find your way. That's the purpose of this planner—to help you figure out, step by step, what a great homeschool year looks like for your family and to plot a course to get there, one year, one month, one week, one day at a time.

"The A+ Homeschool Planner provides the guidance that beginning homeschoolers need and the focus that experienced homeschoolers want. Now that this planner has helped me hone in on what's important, I'm ready to plan our best year yet!"―Maggie Martin, The Language Arts Coach and homeschool parent

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When we started homeschooling, there wasn’t a magazine for secular homeschoolers — so we started one. Five years later, home/school/life is still the smart, secular magazine I wanted back then. We’ve worked hard to maintain our editorial integrity while delivering relevant journalism about everything from the best cities for homeschoolers to why homeschooling can be such a lonely experience, answers to homeschoolers’ big questions (from why are homeschoolers so flaky to how can I teach a subject I never studied to what can I say to make my mother-in-law less resistant to homeschooling), and book lists, movie suggestions, and activities for dozens of mini unit studies in every single issue.