Writers' Guidelines

We get lots of queries and accept only a few, so here are some tips for increasing your odds of being one of the writers accepted:

  • Pitch an actual, specific story idea. If you just send an email saying you’re a writer who’d be interested in working with us, it doesn’t give us a lot of information. And please don't submit a complete article—if we commission a piece, we may want to recommend specific sources or ask specific questions.
  •  Read the magazine. Familiarize yourself with our departments, the kind of language we use, the types of stories we are reporting. Be able to tell us where your story fits into our magazine and why it’s a good fit specifically for home/school/life.
  • Know our audience. Our magazine is for homeschooling families, so articles about classroom teaching or the Common Core are only relevant if they have a clear, obvious connection for homeschoolers.
  • Our pet peeves? Shelli actually did a whole post about them!


We negotiate pay with writers individually, depending on the scope of their assignment and their experience. Expenses such as phone calls, mileage, meals, and trips are generally not reimbursed.


  • General pitches, features, travel, front-of-book pieces, and essays: Amy 
  • Homeschool profiles, health and balance, career pieces, and nature topics: Shelli

Your query should be in the body of your email. Please include a synopsis of your proposed story; details about how you will write the piece, including sources and research; context to explain why the story is relevant for our readers; and information about why you are the right person to tell this particular story. Send three of your best magazine-style writing clips with your story.

We try to respond to every query, but we are a small staff, and it can take time for us to get around to reading queries when we have a backlog. Feel free to follow up with us via email if you want to check on the status of your pitch.


We purchase exclusive one-time print reproduction rights for a period of 90 days from publication and all online/electronic distribution rights.