Stuff We Like :: 5.19.17

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Can we just all pretend that the whole Anne-with-an-E thing isn’t happening?


around the web

There’s some solid advice here: How to read aloud to a child who won’t sit still

I’m totally counting down the days to the new Twin Peaks (and obsessively listening to the soundtrack), so I found this piece on the real-life murder that inspired the original show fascinating.

Another reason to play Library Chicken: People who read books are nicer.

I’m always trying to explain to my kids that the idea of a totally objective history curriculum is impossible because we’re always reading the facts from a subjective place. Maybe this is especially true with U.S. history.

And just a little post-Mother’s Day reminder that motherhood is hard, especially if you are medieval royalty.

This will totally be the best part of your week. (I know I’m blind teasing, but please click on it anyway—you will not be sorry, and no words can capture the joy.)


at home/school/life

on the blog: We’re so thrilled to welcome Beverly and Nanette to the blogging team! (And you get to meet Maggie next week!)

one year ago: 9 Books for Latino Book Month

two years ago: How can I help my student focus?


reading list

I scored a bunch of cheap Agatha Christies when they were on sale earlier this week, so I’ve been rereading some of those that I haven’t read for years: Five Little Pigs (which struck me as so sad this time around), Sleeping Murder, and Death in the Clouds (which I had forgotten completely and so I got to be very pleased with myself for figuring out who the murderer was using the Least Likely Suspect method).

I’ve got my AP English students reading All the King’s Men this summer, so I’m rereading it myself. It feels like the right time to pull out this complex and nuanced political novel that eschews anything resembling an easy answer.

I totally lost at Library Chicken this week—I had to return two books unread, and everything I actually read was either 1. on my Kindle or 2. an advance copy. I did read a very fun middle grades-ish book called The World’s Greatest Chocolate Covered Pork Chops, though—look for a review in a few weeks.


in the kitchen

These tostadas are delicious, whatever they actually want to be.

Officially adding this to our Easy Breakfast file. (My kids will eat anything baked in a mug.)

Not a cookie, but close enough, right?: Cream cheese poundcake with citrus glaze


at home

Oooh, the newest season of Sherlock is on Netflix. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Before we got a dog, I was like, eh, dogs are fine. Now I’m more like “Oh, small furry ruler, how can I serve you today?”