Stuff We Like :: 2.1.19

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Happy February! We had an un-snow day this week — snow was predicted and the city shut down, but it ended up being kind of a lovely day.

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links i liked

  • I do love getting glimpses of other homeschool lives on Instagram, but I hate the way we all feel pressured to present the best shiniest version of our lives all the time. This piece is about the pressure to make new motherhood look perfect, but I feel the same pressure around homeschooling sometimes, too.

  • What Dewey Decimal number are you? (I’m apparently 031.)

  • Don’t read this if swearing offends you! But if you enjoy inventing your own swear words, you might find this piece as funny as I did.

  • I’d love it if we could stop validating the whole nonstop work culture. 

  • A good question: Does Duolingo even work?

things i didn’t know but now i do

books added to my tbr list this week

  • An Unkindness of Ghosts (Sarah recommended it, but I’m saving it for a more emotionally stable reading time)

  • The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee (I would like to read about the past century of Native American history very much)

  • In an Absent Dream (I loved the first book in this series — the second and third, not so much, but I am hoping this one brings back the magic)

  • my daughter’s new Warrior Cats fan fiction novel (obviously that one’s going straight to the top!)

what’s making me happy