Mindful Homeschool: You Have All the Time You Need

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that one of the best reasons I’ve found for homeschooling is the time it affords us. And I mean that in all ways possible.

  • My children have more time to play, move, use their imaginations and sleep.
  • We are not limited by anyone’s schedule except the one we choose to follow.
  • My children can learn at their own pace. No school or curriculum is pushing them to do more than they can do.
  • My husband and I get to spend all day with our children. To some people, that might sound exhausting, but because this is our lifestyle, we have had time to figure out a routine that works for us, and we can’t imagine it any other way.
  • Because my children are home all the time, and I can’t possibly be with them every moment, they are turning into people who can entertain themselves.
  • We don’t fight about screen time because we have time for everything – nature walks, play time, discovery time, reading time, and screen time.
  • We can go on vacations during off-season, so that means cheaper prices and less people.
  • We can go to parks, malls, museums or just about anywhere during the week, so that means less people too.
Mindful Homeschooling: You Have All the Time You Need

Certainly there isn’t time for everything I wish we could do. I don’t always get the free time and solitude that I need, but despite the challenges, this time of my life is still probably the happiest I’ll ever have.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by homeschooling, I would suggest remembering this piece of advice that Beth Gulley (Our Way, Summer 2014) told us: “Tell yourself that you and your children have all the time in the world to learn whatever you want.”

Breathe. Remember you don’t have to do it all today. You can say no to some field trips and play dates. You can try different things. You can give your child the time he/she needs. Breathe. Time is on your side.

Are you using the time you have to your advantage? Please share your stories about time in the comments.